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Vertex Bath Shower Mixer Tap Standpipe

Vertex Bath Shower Mixer Tap Standpipe

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Product Description
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Vertex Bath Shower Mixer Tap Standpipe

Tap Design:

  • Stylish bath shower mixer tap standpipe
  • Chrome finish
  • With handheld shower hose & bracket

Tap Construction:

  • 35mm Ceramic Disc Cartridge, no washers to wear out, never worry about dripping taps again
  • Bodies of tap are gravity cast and forged with a zinc handle, giving a solid and long lasting product
  • Made from ‘Grade A’ brass, giving a solid, durable and heavy construction, which means you can literally feel the quality!

Connection :

  • 1/2" Female BSP Loose Nut

Pressure :

  • Minimum Pressure : 0.5 Bar
  • Maximum Pressure : 5 Bar

Flow Rates:

  • 0.2 Bar - 5.6l/min
  • 0.5 Bar - 7.3l/min
  • 1.0 Bar - 9.5l/min
  • 2.0 Bar - 12.6l/min
  • 3.0 Bar - 15.3l/min
Technical Specifications

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Product Specifications
Minimum Pressure (Bar)0.5
Maximum Pressure (Bar)5
Connection Type1/2" Female BSP Loose Nut
Manufacturer Part NumberVER6
Vertex Bath Shower Mixer Tap Standpipe

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